Finding Topics in the Connect Care Innovator Toolkit

If one has a general idea of a topic of interest, then browsing the collapsible table of contents exposes how information is organized and the level of detail that might meet the need. If the Contents do not automatically appear, as is the case with mobile displays or large sections, note the outline icon at the top left of the Handbook display. Clicking this will pull the Contents into view. They will disappear again once a topic is selected.

If one has a specific idea of a topic of interest, then searching will get there fastest. Look for the search (magnifying glass icon) at the top right of the Handbook display. Clicking on this will open a search bar, allowing a term to be entered, a search to be conducted and then one or more matching Handbook sections to be displayed for a quick link.

Note that the search tool may be faint in some views. The icon is either white (desktop interface) or black (mobile interface).