AHS Systems

Alberta Health Services is the largest employer in Alberta and also the largest provider of health services in Canada. As such, AHS offers a vast array of health services to patients across the care continuum for people of all ages and geographies.

For patients, AHS offers both clinical services, such as critical care and emergency departments and clinical support services, such as laboratory and pharmacy.

AHS also offers “community” services, such as continuing care and addiction mental health services. The use of the term “community” within AHS differs from the use of the term “community” when discussing non-AHS organizations.

To help categorize and understand the systems and workflows within each service area of AHS, Enterprise Architecture uses a “domain model” which breaks the organization down into smaller areas, based on what services are provided.

There are over 30 major domains within AHS. Each of these domains can be further broken down into nuanced areas that have their own unique needs. For example, critical care can be broken down into general system adult intensive care (ICUs), neonatal intensive care (NICUs), and cardiac intensive care, amongst other specialties.