Provincial Systems

The Alberta Ministry of Health, typically known as Alberta Health (AH), is responsible for setting provincial health policy and direction and in acting as the payer for Alberta Healthcare insurance.

Even though Alberta Health is typically a policy setter, it owns several extremely important parts of Alberta’s provincial eHealth architecture, and these are summarized below.


A central repository of personal health information such as labs, hospital visit information, diagnostic imaging results, and so forth, which is available to physicians and other providers across the province.

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MyHealth Alberta

This is a public facing portal/app that Albertans can use to access health information and some of their health records via My Health Record (MHR).

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Alberta Health operates several very important registries which contain standardized and centralized information which is available to participating organizations and systems across the province; these include patient registry, delivery site registry

Regulatory databases

AH maintains several databases containing regulatory submissions from provider organizations. These include things such as immunization data, home care service data and rehabilitation service data. Some data is sent to national repositories.

Integration Engines

In conjunction with Alberta Health Services, AH operates several integration engines which manage the distribution of messages between electronic systems.

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Pharmaceutical Information Network (PIN)

This is a system that tracks all medication dispenses from pharmacies in Alberta.

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