Connect Care Innovator Toolkit

The Innovator Toolkit ( gathers tips, guides and resources for Alberta Health Services (AHS) or external innovators who facilitate design and development of technologies that can work within or in conjunction with the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). 

The Innovator Toolkit is developed by Innovators for Innovators.  There is no claim that the contents are institutionally endorsed. 


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One record, one patient, one health system

Connect Care is an Alberta Health Services (AHS) initiative bridging the patient, system applications, healthcare teams, information and the future. Connect Care puts the patient front and center.

The heart of the Connect Care initiative is the Clinical Information System (CIS): an integrated suite of health information applications that support Connect Cate objectives. The system aids in the delivery of health services to people and populations in multiple settings across the continuum of care and facilitates the collection, access, use, and sharing of information. 

AHS selected Epic Systems Corporation as the CIS partner for Connect Care.  Epic is the application used by healthcare providers – a central access point to patient information, common clinical standards, and documentation.  Epic connects all health information across the province of Alberta.


This toolkit assumes that the reader is familiar with common terms used in healthcare, eHealth and health informatics. Some sections may also refer to technical specifications and are intended for innovators who have an understanding of software/app development.

AHS Provincial CIS Definitions

This toolkit will make references to common terms used throughout the province when describing health information systems. Please familiarize yourself with the AHS Provincial CIS Definitions. It is important to note that these definitions are not absolute globally, however, the distinctions and context provided will be used for the purposes of this handbook.

eHealth Glossary

The Connect Care eHealth glossary provides definitions for terms and abbreviations commonly encountered in eHealth, health information literacy and clinical informatics communications and publications. It draws from a number of health information management references. explores health informatics terms and concepts. The eHealth Glossary is available at and via the "Glossary" button at the bottom of each page in this resource.

Connect Care Resources

There are many resources available for Connect Care depending on what you might be looking for.

Connect Care Adoption

A list of resources that help explain how prescribers and practices are assessed as in or out of scope for the initial Connect Care implementation. Other resources summarize strategies to better coordinate care that spans areas where Connect Care is, and is not, the record of care. [More Information]

Connect Care Manual (for prescribers)

This online manual gathers tips, guides, resources and norms for prescribers who use the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). The focus is essential information that addresses the particular needs of physicians and other prescribers. The Manual is developed by clinicians for clinicians. [More Information]

Connect Care Prescriber Resources (pdf)

A printable list of resources including news, Connect Care Information, zone information, user references and contact emails. [More Information].